Seed of hope is a not-for-profit Social Enterprise which helps people with mental health problems to change their lives through Recovery based therapeutic gardening.

The Walled Gardens of Cannington

Our sessions provide a six hour day (10-4) of mixed gardening, a gentle yoga session, and a Recovery group.

The therapeutic horticultural activity is tailored to the varied levels of physical ability in the group. We pace the activity throughout the day and take regular breaks.

We use the elements intrinsic to horticulture-

  • Being outdoors in nature
  • Increased light levels
  • Working as part of a team towards a common goal
  • Nurturing living plants and environments
  • Gentle exercise
  • Hope

– to deliver improved mental and physical well being for our participants.

Our Yoga sessions are offered as a tool for participants to use in day to day life to aid relaxation and improve physical ability. They also serve as a physical warm up prior to our horticultural activity.

The Recovery group is an hour in length and we discuss a Recovery topic and it’s relevance to us. The participants learn from each other’s experiences and support each other.

In brief, Recovery is a way of living a satisfying, hopeful, and contributing life even with mental health problems.

Recovery Path