Spring Orchard Project-Session eight

The colour of magic

Wouldn’t it have been lovely if we had exactly eight of us there on our eighth session, hang on for most of the day there was!!?

For the majority of you out there who aren’t Terry Pratchett fans, and who won’t get the colour of magic reference. Octarine is the eighth colour of the Discworld rainbow and the colour of magic.

Sorry back to reality now.

It was a magical day which we didn’t want to end. We were naughty and stayed out late playing in the sunshine in the orchard. We got loads done though.

The shed got another wall and a door, the path got an entrance, the tables got colour (not Octarine), the planters got together and dirt added. I’m tired just typing it! Here’s the photos-

Picnic Tables

The Shed

The planters

Not how the manufaturers planned, but we think it looks good.
Not how the manufaturers planned, but we think it looks good.

The entrance arch.


We had lots of visitors this week-a “mystery shopper”, our old mucker Sarah from Cannington in Bloom and this lovely lot-


And This!-

Well Done!
Well Done the Walled Gardens Of Cannington.



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  1. Fay Loveridge

    So much hard work , it’s really making a big difference , loving see the changes every week with an amazing group of people.

  2. Fay Loveridge

    Wow well done walled gardens that’s great

  3. brian stother

    Looking good. Thank you for keeping us all up to date.

  4. Sandie Searle

    Looks fantastic ,well done to you all & thank you for all your hard work .

  5. Ray Wardhaugh

    Everything is coming together and looking really good, congratulations, Kris Scotting, Walled Garden and all who are helping this to look great

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