You’d Have to be Mad!

Challenging, thought provoking and humour building at Bridgwater Arts Centre on 10th October 2017 as part of World Mental Health Day. An event ran in conjunction with the arts centre and Seed of Hope.

Plenty of creative and expressive ways to explore mental health, trauma and distress. This year’s theme for World Mental Health Day is  workplace wellbeing. People will be offered tools and new skills to explore this, including through poetry, gardening (of course), expressive writing, knitting, music and yoga (naturally!). Something for everyone with a packed program going through into the night…

In addition Seed of Hope want to have a conversation about langauage, stigma and isolation and have named the evening’s celebration and entertainment:  ‘You’d have to be Mad’. In this video, Kris, cofounder of Seed of Hope, explains why this controversial  and provocative term has been chosen.

Feel free to comment below, we want to have the conversation….

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