World Mental Health Day 2017-“You’d Have To Be Mad”


What a day! and Night!

Thirteen non-stop hours of information, advice, support, creativity, poetry, music, song, performance and a surprise audience member-Phil Beer!

Hosted and co produced by the lovely people at Bridgwater Arts Centre

During the day we presented a Creative Wellbeing day, and during the evening “You’d have to be mad”

The Creative Well Being day kicked off with a Mental Health Awareness session hosted by our own Kris Scotting.

Then there was singing with Fodo Higginson,  Art with Rachel Gundry, Story telling with Sinéad Gillespie

Then! more music with the choir, Yoga with Jayne and Freedom Yoga Somerset, Gardening with some nutters throughout the day, Carpentry from Men’s Shed, meditation with Louise Reynolds.

Then the fantastic Kasha Miller performed her breathtaking thought provoking emotion stirring Exit Plan.

We were also privileged to be able to feature artist Rob Heard and his Shrouds of the Somme.

Rob began his career working with wood, making elaborate wooden playground equipment, pirate ships and tree houses for children. After injuring his wrist, he scaled down the size of his creations, producing a series of unique Bough House sculptures which were adored by both adults and children and shipped all over the world.

In 2013 a serious accident left him with limited mobility and continuous pain in his right arm. A very dark chapter ensued as he contemplated how he would be able to continue artistically. His thoughts turned to others with more serious life-changing injuries – soldiers returning from conflict with physical wounds, missing limbs and emotional scars – and those who did not return at all.

Rob Heard-Shrouds of The Somme


A video taken of the day by one of our Participants. Starring mainly the awesome one of a kind Patchwork Poet.


You’d have to be mad! A celebration of Mental Health in music, poetry  and comedy.

The evening was hosted by the new stand up comedy duo Bi-Polar. (AKA the Ant and Dec of Mental health only saner)


Followed by Kasha Miller who gamely stepped in when Alex Ogden Davis was unable to appear with “It’s all a bit Taboo”

Then Patchwork Poet then took the stage and laid down some rhymes.

Then Mandy and Steve took to the stage with a set of Songs about Madness.

After a short break for refreshment Kris and Grace talked about her blog Simple Lifeline.

Then it was music all the way!!!

Fodo Higginson played us some acoustic tunes and Claude The Entertainer soothed us with some warm vocals.

This was the point when Kris tripped over Phil Beer in the audience in the dark!

The evening was rounded off with a Band Aid style sing along of the Beatles Classic “A little Help from my friends”

With a little help from lots of friends

Fodo is the one with the genuine Ovation guitar, Kris has the cheap Jap copy.

See you all next year, same time same place.

Loads of love and thanks to the folks what funded the event-

Homes in Sedgemoor

Sedgemoor District Council

Somerset Community Foundation


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