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We are so excited to be starting a group in Watchet this week on Wednesday 17th October. Thanks to the players of the the National Lottery and an Awards for All grant.

This group has been in the planning for some while since the lovely Hazel Barron of the Somerset Mental Wellbeing Service suggested that we might like to come to West Somerset.

Everytime we have visited since we have been overwhelmed by the welcome and wealth of community goodness that’s going in Watchet. It seems like every time we spoke to someone we found another project and another person to talk to.

Pearl Leyshon of Girl Friday Somerset ltd. introduced us to the lovely folk at The Sanctuary who will be our hosts.

Gill Hall of Watchet Roots has supported us from the start and we hope we can help to keep the community veg patch lovely and improve the facilities for the community there.

What seemed like the whole Onion Collective threw ideas at me when I visited them. I’ve still got a bit of a headache from their enthusiasm, special thanks to Georgie for her time and encouragement.

We have also had the support and encouragement of the Town Council in the shape of Councillor Loretta Whitlor and Admin Assistant Harriet Gibbard.

Can’t wait to get started in this awesome community which is one of the most in need in Somerset.

Watch this space–

Watchet Harbour and Marina


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    1. kris@soh

      Hi Linda that’s very kind of you but we already have it covered.

  1. Hello
    I have just moved to Watchet with my partner Chris who is a writer of short stories.
    I am thinking of replacing a good 10×8 garden shed with a purpose built garden room for artwork next year, and wondered whether
    you would like it, whenever it suits the project, as I am in no hurry. I don’t know what kind of space you have available and whether this
    would be a useful addition to your resources. It has four small plastic windows, but they have poor visibility.

    1. kris@soh

      Yes PLease!!!!

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