Watch out Monty Don!

Kris one of our founders is out for your job on Gardeners World.

This was filmed at a Homes in Sedgemoor community day in the summer, hosted by the beautiful walled Gardens of Cannington. We have worked with Homes in Sedgemoor for some time now and they have grant funded our pilot Seed of Gardening program. This enables us to help people who are not able to maintain their own gardens through age, physical disability or mental health. Our volunteers help them to re gain the use and joy of their garden, take away the stress of maintaining it and possible tenancy problems and above all our folks get the benefit from gardening and helping others.

Enjoy the video in which Kris explains a few of the main features of Seed of Hope.



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  1. Angi

    So proud to be working with such an amazing group . You help so many people to overcome issues that may be troublesome as well as making the world look beautiful again!

    1. kris@soh

      Thank you for your kind words.

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